Became a Body

Became a Body



The day you became a body,

our father drank the coffee offered by the hospice nurses,

and saturated it with cream and sugar just like he always does.

It was the only normal moment.

He said to you, “You’re a good lad. A good lad,” like a prayer,

like a plea that still goes unanswered

Our mother stumbled around, eager to help, grasping.



Colleen O'Doherty  is an educator and writer based in Omaha, NE. She is currently getting her MFA in play writing at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She teaches in schools and prisons through the Nebraska Writers Collective. She has had plays staged at UNO (Carry On) and the Shelterbelt Theater (Instant Theatre Bootcamp). Her poem, Columbine's Mother will be in the anthology, Flatwater Stirs. She dedicates Became a Body to her brother, Coley.  


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