Best Blue When Robed

Best Blue When Robed



March alarm set for eight a.m. I’m in bed until nine, sometimes ten

reading     wasting rage— regurgitated bits in slinked-out tears and

cursive lines on giveaway notepads in BIC mechanical pencil #2.


June alarm set for nine a.m. I’m in bed until eleven and in my

robe mid-afternoons. I widow-walk the upstairs balcony pining

for the goddamn sunrise.


Grey lead. Blue robe.     This is how it’s going.



Jules Jacob's  work has recently appeared in The Tishman Review, Paper Nautilus, the Pittsburgh Poetry Review, and Rust + Moth.  Jules is the author of The Glass Sponge, a semi-finalist in the New Women’s Voices Competition (Finishing Line Press), and a 2015 resident at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts Poetry Workshop in France. 


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