Dark Pluto Bares Its Heart

"Dark Pluto Bares Its Heart"



It is not so much bared as it is plain

to see from space. We have a picture.

It was downloaded at dial-up speed.


If you have ever texted your wife

while away at the plumbing conference,

the look of Pluto’s heart will not


surprise you. If you come back

from the conference alive, your heart,

like Pluto’s, will be nitrogen ice.


The local news wants the story.

They talk to your co-workers,

your wife, and camp on the lawn.


Before long, a type of beach party

forms: campfire, flying kites, Lance

waxing his surfboard. A helicopter


keeps its camera on your house.

The entire scene begins to resemble

an emoji. We can see it from space.



Nate Logan was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. His recent work has appeared in Ohio Edit and Pouch. With Laura Theobald, he edits Spooky Girlfriend Press.


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