Fall 2018

a journal of contemporary poetry



Fall 2018


John Sibley Williams  

Kendall Pakula


Mariam Ansar

Nicolette Daskalakis

Tyler Raso 


Anne Champion

Boston Gordon

Benjamin Brezner

Matthew Heston

C. Kubasta

Emma William-Margaret Rebholz 



Lauren Yarnall 



Torrey Smith is a writer and artist originally from Denver, CO.  Her poetry has appeared in Nebraska’s Best Emerging Poets, Blue Shift Journal, Heavy Edit, Stirring—A Literary Collection, and elsewhere. She is Associate Editor at Spark Wheel Press. The cover art for this issue is taken from Smith’s recent exhibition at Zipline Omaha.

Liz Kay is a poet, novelist, and founding editor of Spark Wheel Press. Her poems have appeared in Beloit Poetry Journal, Sugar House Review, Willow Springs, and elsewhere.