from Prodigy House

from Prodigy House



I’ve begun to presume that an hour is a poor measure of time. I’d rather know

about straw, a thing where a ton is only the beginning; something used to stuff

some leaky-minded fool as myself; something for joiner’s work such that,

when it unbonds, it leaves no trace.


It has not been five minutes since my last desire, & already I have another.

I do not know which is more desirable: tea or wanting tea. Have you ever been

wanting—truly wanting—merely an assertion of space. What should you tell



I shall want, then.



Douglas Luman's poetry and prose has been published in magazines such as SalamanderOcean State ReviewRain Taxi, and Prelude. He is Production Director of Container, Art Director at Stillhouse Press, Head Researcher at, a book designer, and digital human. His first book, The F Text, will be released in fall 2017 on Inside the Castle.


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