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It just hit me that AWP is next week. It seems to sneak up on me every year, and every year around this time, I start to panic. It’s not that we’re not ready. We’ve shipped the books, ordered and packed all the marketing materials, scheduled the reading and book signing, located the nearest liquor store (doesn’t everyone do this?). Spark Wheel is ready, but I don’t know if I am. I don’t know if I’m ready for the fifteen plus hour days at the booth, at readings, at panels, at dinners, at events. I never realize how little sleep I get until I get back home and crash. Last year, I crawled in the door, went straight for my bed, and slept for twelve hours straight. My husband kept sneaking in to check my pulse. The truth is, a person can never be ready for the circus that is AWP. I just checked my schedule and realized that I have completely overbooked myself just like I do every year, but it will be fine. I’ll do what I can, sleep when I can, try to limit the sugar and booze (that last bit is such a lie), and try to soak up as much good energy as possible. The one event I’m really looking forward to is the burntdistrict/Spark Wheel Press reading on Saturday night. We have an incredible lineup, including our brand new SWP writer, C Dylan Bassett. You can swing by our booth (1200) and grab a postcard with his cover art and a sample poem, or stop by and pick up a copy of SWP poet, Steven Schroeder’s book “The Royal Nonesuch.” He’ll be signing copies on Friday at 1 pm. If nothing else, just come by and chat with Liz and me, or maybe just Liz. I may be sleeping in the corner somewhere.


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