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Mea Culpa

You may be wondering why issue 2 is currently unavailable on-line. Or, more likely, you were unaware that issue 2 was unavailable, but now that I mention it…


Yesterday, we discovered that we had made a tremendous error in issue 2.


Here’s the story of how things went so wrong. At some point, as I was putting the poems in the issue, I was working from memory. I imported a poem by Carolyn Hembree, and when I added the name to the top of the page, I typed “Caroline Tanski.” Luckily, when I sent Caroline (Tanski) the proof of the poem, she replied with something along the lines of “it’s a beautiful poem, and the layout looks great, but it’s not mine.”  Tragedy averted. I changed the name. No worries. Unfortunately, I did not regenerate the Table of Contents. When I sent the file to Jen and asked her to look it over and make sure all the names were spelled correctly, I did not suggest that maybe she should see the that poets and the titles matched up.


In related news, the page numbers also went wonky. I’m not sure how that happened. Possibly post upload, but we should have caught it in the printed proof.


If it is any consolation, once, many years ago, a journal left off the last line of one of my poems. I don’t give this as an “it could be worse” example. The reason I share is because, at that time, I acted like a total fucking asshole. I cried. I pouted. I went to the launch reading and refused to read my poems. I just wanted to sit there, feeling wronged. In my defense, I was really, really young, but the point is, I kind of had this coming. I deserved to make a mistake. However, Carolyn and Caroline did not deserve to have the mistake happen, mostly, to them.


In any case, we’re reprinting the issue. Our screw up, our expense. If you are a contributor or subscriber, you’ll be receiving a corrected copy of issue 2 soon. With our sincerest apologies.


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