Spring 2017



Spring 2017

  guest edited by Sarah McKinstry-Brown

Geoff Anderson



Jules Jacob 


Cathryn Shea




Douglas Luman                        



Aubrey Mathews                             


Colleen O'Doherty                            


Margaret Young                            



Jeff Hardin                                  



Rebecca Cristante     



Rosie DeSantis                    





Winner of an Academy of American Poets Prize and two Nebraska Book Awards, Sarah McKinstry-Brown is the author of Cradling Monsoons (Blue Light Press, 2010), and has been published everywhere from West Virginia’s standardized tests to literary journals such as Rattle, Green Mountains Review, Ruminate, The South Dakota Review, and Smartish Pace. Sarah is the proud founder, curator, and host of feedback at KANEKO, an interactive literary reading series. To learn more about Sarah and her work, visit: