Time to Murder and Create

Time to Murder and Create



In the beginning there was no time—

gravity yes

but no left right up down

here or there

no grammar except the noun—

night day earth sea

salt heat critters people

but no Tuesday

no August.

When the verbs arrived

in some cosmic hiccup

they were to-be verbs

present tense—

the dark is

the woman is

and then another hiccup

spewed forth the action

verbs simple ones at first—

eat run mate—

which quickly led

to need to desire to wish away

to make and

no surprise here

to the making of art and poems

and tools and guns

and to art and poems

that celebrate the tool and the gun

but not to enough time

or proper nouns

or transitive verbs

to measure the distance

from then to when

to find the beginning

to settle the gathering dark. 



Judy Brackett's poems and stories have appeared or are forthcoming in: Commonweal, Subtropics, Miramar, Cultural Weekly, Canary, The Lake, West Marin Review, Spillway, The Linnet’s Wings, Lime Hawk, The Untidy Season: An Anthology of Nebraska Women Poets (Backwaters Press), and elsewhere.


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